Below is a list of plugins, all of which can be put onto your Jolojo for Councils website!

What are plugins?

Plugins do 'stuff' on pages. They allow content to be added and the look pretty!


A simple on-page Rich Text Editor (RTE), has source view/edit and SCSS style applicator.

Text & Image

Allow text and an image to be added and edited simply. Great for placing text on images or placing images next to text.


Easily add a gallery to your website. You have the power to change aspect ratios at different device sizes.

Contact Forms

Add as many custom contact forms as you like with our easy to implement contact form plugin. Google ReCaptcha built-in.


Make your website easily navigatable with our simple to use menu plugin.


Ensure your users can always find a way back through the pages they have discovered


Incorporate video into your website simply by adding a YouTube or Vimeo URL.


A simple way to organise testimonials, comes with slide or fade animation and user configurable timing.


Incorporate your twitter feed into your site without the use of an iframe.


Incorporate your Instagram feed into your site. Decide how many images you would like to display.

Newsletter Signup

Add users to your Campaign Monitor of MailChimp mail lists.


Allow users to search your website and bring up a list of results.

Blog (various)

Blog plugins - Post | Date | Title | Menu - all seperated for flexible display.

Blog List

A configurable blog-list that can be used on a main blog page or a feed with reduced content on a category page (includes animation).

Relative Navigation

Make navigation more accessible by adding forward and back buttons between pages.

Login / Logout

Well... Guess what a form that allows user to login or logout. Includes login success URL forwarding.

Reset Password

A form for users to request resetting passwords, also used for the resetting as well.


Sick and tired of ugly looking .xml files? Our sitemap plugin allows you to style it the way you want.


Displays calendar information in a monthly view with switch to list. Links to self-generated pages and documents built-in.